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National Black Graduate Network

The National Black Graduate Network (NBGN) is an initiative to promote communication and collaboration among Black graduate students and students of Black Studies in Canada.

About the NBGN

a network rooted in collaboration

The NBGN is run by and for graduate students to support academic networking, collaboration and research exchange among a new generation of scholars shaping the futures of Black Studies in Canada.

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news and ideas from members of our network

Crystal Garvey, RN, MScN PhD Candidate, Queen's University My lamentation is poison………It has made me septic I can feel the poison flowing through my veins, BUT I STILL have to have a grin I’ve been conditioned to not express how I feel It always has to be a service with a SMILE I always have to be understanding, Even when it hurts….. Let’s not forget that I got to be patient… But through it all…. It always has to ...

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Message Board

reach out to fellow members of the NBGN community

The NBGN Message Board is a members-only space where we can share ideas and resources, engage in dialogue and build a mutually supportive online community.

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theses and dissertations

A repository for master’s theses and doctoral dissertations by BCSA and NBGN members. NBGN members can enter information about their thesis and upload pdfs, website administrators will approve final postings.